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Wake up Jacksonville! Let’s all stop trying to put some sort of positive macroeconomic spin on Shod Kahn offshoring 12.5% of our Jaguars entertainment. Football is entertainment pure and simple and there is no acceptable reason for taking away 1 of our 8 annual football games. Anyone who thinks that Kahn is doing this for the long term success of Jacksonville and it’s NFL franchise and not solely for his personal wealth needs to have their head examined.

The only acceptable England solution would be to give away a preseason game. Now there’s an idea, give away a game that no one over here cares about. Couldn’t Kahn accomplish his stated goals while making this even better for the Jaguars fan? A game in August would allow fans to work the game into a summer vacation instead of having to make trades offs in October.

I didn’t think I could find a non-NFL city that I’d hate to see the Jaguars interested in more than Los Angeles. But with their warm beer, inferior city infrastructure, prehistoric sporting venues, cow pasture golf courses, dreary weather, failed socialized healthcare and soccer hooligans (imagine an entire nation of fans who behave worse than Philadelphia Eagles fans), London, and England in general, has got to be one of the most annoying places in the world.

What about the financial impact to the Floridians who run private parking lots around the stadium? The beer vendors? The police’s overtime pay? The ticket scalpers? The beer men?  The concession workers and the charities that benefit from them? What about the impact to my happiness?

The story remains the same despite what Kahn does. This city needs to support the Jaguars or we won’t have them.  Ask yourself, does the loss of one of our precious eight games move the Jaguars closer to losing the team or keeping the team? I’m no longer “All In”, I’m only 87.5% in (for those with only 3rd grade math skills, such as 96% of all people living in LA or London, 7 of 8 games remaining in Jacksonville equals 87.5%)


                                  LOS ANGELES


The Most of Everything ....(Except the NFL)




 The Best of Nothing


The National Football League had multiple professional American football teams in Los Angeles, California between 1946 and 1994. Despite the fact that Los Angeles is the second-largest media market in the United States, all teams have failed.


In 1946, the Los Angeles Dons of the All-America Football Conference started play, lasting four years before folding with the demise of the AAFC. Also in 1946, the Cleveland Rams became the first NFL franchise to locate in Los Angeles. The Rams moved to Anaheim Stadium for 1980, and left southern California altogether in 1995 for St. Louis. The AFL founded the Los Angeles Chargers in 1960 but moved to San Diego the next year. The Oakland Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982, only to return to Oakland after the 1994 season.


Now Hollywood wants another chance to fail? They want to use their greedy overstuffed Hollywood wallets to bribe a football passionate smaller market town like Buffalo or Jacksonville?


Jacksonville says    NO WAY LA!


Nothing spells loser better than the California Economy, the Laker fans rioting in the streets, the annoying whine of Jim Rome and LA trying to be an NFL city. Stick to making movies, playing volleyball, breathing your smog filled air, sitting in traffic and surfing in your frigid  shark infested waters. I really think you west coasters have been smoking too much medical marijuana to think anyone, let alone a football team, would give up Florida for the hell you live in. The Jaguars are committed to Jacksonville and the sunshine state.

NO WAY LA! The JAGS belong to JAX!